John Travers Cornwell, VC Pictures

Submitted by:  Hugh Walker (1966-1979)
and Phillip Bingham (1972-1978)

John Travers Cornwell, VC



John Travers Cornwell, VC Medals

1) Victoria Cross   2) British War Medal (1914-18)   3) Allied Victory Medal with MID clasp
4) Cornwell Scout Badge (bronze)   5) Cornwell Scout Badge (cloth)

Cornwell Story - Imperial War Museum
Cornwell Scout Badge

Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum

John Travers Cornwell, VC Funeral


YouTube Video (1 minute & 6 seconds)
Funeral Of Navy Hero John Travers Cornwall (1916)


HMS Chester


The Battle of Jutland

Voices of the First World War: Jutland - Imperial War Museum

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Jutland Clash of the Dreadnoughts - Part 2 of 2 (Timeline)

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The Battle of Jutland Animation

Documentary WWI - The Battle of Jutland

Jutland - WWI's Greatest Sea Battle

Battle of Jutland 1916

The Battle of Jutland 31 May - 1 June 1916 by Professor Andrew Lambert


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