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JTCVC Alumni Challenge Coin

Alumni Challenge Coin
38mm (1-1/2") diameter metal Alumni Challenge Coin (order)
Price:  $20.00
JTCVC Centennial Coin
45mm (1-3/4") diameter metal JTCVC Centennial (100th Anniversary) Coin
Price:  $20.00

Sea Cadet Centennial

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Cap Badge
42 mm (1-5/8") high metal cap badge
Price:  $15.00
Sea Cadet Centennial Lapel Pin
30 mm (1-1/8") high metal lapel pin
Price:  $5.00

JTCVC Memorabilia

Centennial Lapel Pin
33 mm (1-1/4") wide metal lapel pin
Price:  $5.00
Alumni Lapel Pin
22 mm (7/8") high metal lapel pin
Price:  $5.00
Lapel Pin
19 mm (3/4") high metal lapel pin
Price:  $5.00
Small Corps Badge
6 cm (2-1/2") high small cloth badge
Price:  $5.00 (limited quantities)
Large Corps Badge
15 cm (6") high large cloth badge
Price:  $10.00 (limited quantities)
Key Chain
3 cm (1 1/8") ring metal key chain with corps badge token
Price:  $3.00 (limited quantities)
Dog Tag
52 mm (2") high metal dog tag on chain
Price:  $6.00
JTCVC Centennial Postage Stamps
Book of 12 JTCVC Centennial postage stamps
Price:  $30.00

JTCVC Clothing

Alumni Polo Shirt
Alumni polo shirt in various sizes
Price:  $35.00
Alumni Cufflinks
22 mm (7/8") high metal cufflinks
Price:  $30.00
JTCVC 100th Anniversary Tie Clip
55 mm (2-1/4") high metal tie clip
Price:  $10.00

How to Buy Memorabilia Items

To order your item(s):

Visit the Canteen on parade (Thursday) nights, or

Mail the order form to the address below.

  1. Print and complete the order form or fill in the fillable order form and print it.
  2. Mail the completed order form, along with your cheque or money order, to the following address:

JTCVC Alumni
PO Box 41009 Markham
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2H0

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:


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