History of The Auxiliary
Greater Winnipeg Branch
The Navy League of Canada

Compiled by:  Ann Jackson, Gwen Ligertwood & Mary Lloyd
Written by:  Gwen Ligertwood









1931 - 1995

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Lady's Auxiliary Honourary Awards, HMCS Chippawa Wardroom, 1986.

The Manitoba division, Navy League of Canada established the Ladies Auxiliary as a committee within the Division under the leadership of Mrs. A.J. Hughes in late 1931. The ladies of this Auxiliary were wives of prominent residents of the City of Winnipeg. The purpose was to assist the Division physically and financially in the support of the youth of the city through the medium of Sea Cadets.

On the 18th of October Lady Nanton presented the Winnipeg Sea Cadets with a White Ensign from H.M.S. Couragous at All Saints Church. This was a Battle Flag used in the First World War. The Imperial Daughters of the Empire (IODE) presented a Blue Ensign to the cadets at the same ceremony. Cadet strength was two hundred and thirty.

A newspaper of the day reported: "Boys of tender years are the future of Canada and through the excellent training of this organization, standards are established that make for leadership and rightful self esteem". It is to the credit of this body, that the Juvenile Court is an unknown quality to members of the cadet corps.

One of the first fund raising activities of the Auxiliary was a Tag Day held May 4, 1932 which was a great success with $1825 raised. This was an enormous sum of money in 1932 remembering this was a time of great un-employment.

The Ladies Auxiliary reported its activities to the Division at the regular and Annual meetings. The Royal Alexandra was the locale of many Manitoba Division meetings and social functions which the ladies attended.

For many years Lady Nanton held the position of Honourary President and Mesdames DC Coleman, EW Kneeland, J. Richardson and C. Campbell acted as Honourary Vice Presidents of the Auxiliary.

It is interesting to note that The Manitoba Division bank balance at 31 December 1932 was $532.46.

At the annual meeting in February of 1933 Mrs. C.E. McPherson was elected as President of the Ladies Auxiliary and Mr. D.C. Coleman re-elected for his ninth term as Division President. The Sea Cadet Chairman advised that funds were badly needed to replenish uniforms and unless monies were forth coming it maybe necessary to reduce cadet numbers. High tribute was paid to LCdr. J.R.K. Millen (after which Navy League Cadet Corps #7 is named) and to Lt. Tamkin.

The ladies held fund raising teas and lunches at homes of the members and cadet activities continued on the same scale as in the past. It was felt with so many homes clouded with diminished earning power it was more than ever necessary to give the boys the opportunity of healthy and joyous recreation as an alternative to wandering the streets, reported the President, Mrs. A.J. Hughes in a report given in 1934. Cadet membership of 200 with an attendance rate of 87.5 was considered exceptionally high.

A vote of thanks was given to the IODE, who have taken a keen interest in the work of the Navy League in past years.

In august the ladies again held a Tag Day with Mrs. T.G. Mathers in charge of arrangements. Proceeds of the Tag Day will go to the Sea Cadet committee.

In October Mr. D.C. Coleman resigned as President of the Division due to a transfer to Montreal. Mr. W.M. Neil, Vice President, Western Lines of the Canadian Pacific Railways was named President. Mr. Coleman received a remarkable send-off by the Winnipeg Cadet Corps at the CPR Station.

Cadet numbers fell during 1935, but it was reported that they have fully maintained their espirit de corps and smartness. Praise was given to the work of the ladies, Mrs. Hughes as President of the Auxiliary and of the IODE. Lt WA Cramp was appointed as the new Sea Cadet bandmaster.

In late 1936 the Division President, Mr. Neal requested that $2500 be raised as the league has been beset by financial difficulties. A sum of $2826 was raised which included income from the Kneeland Trust, Life Underwriters and Managers and that the League was indebted to the Imperial Daughters of the Empire. Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve and LCdr. Kelly.

Mr. E.W. Kneeland was elected President of the Division and Mrs. A.J. Hughes re-elected as Auxiliary President. One hundred seventy-eight boys are enrolled in the corps with a band of fifty which has a waiting list of interested boys.


In January of 1938 the call went out to form Ladies Auxiliary as a separate organization but still reporting to the Division.

On Wednesday,12 January a meeting was held in the Tapestry Room of the Royal Alexandra with the object of forming an auxiliary. The informal meeting stressed the Aims and Objectives of the Navy League of Canada by speakers from Division, Mr. Kneeland, Mr. Ross and Mr. Neal. A delightful tea was served after which the meeting was again called to order. Mrs. Hughes was asked to chair the meeting with Mrs. L. McQuillan taking the minutes. Mrs. E. Wasdell moved that an Auxiliary be formed and that the name be "Ladies Auxiliary of the Navy League of Manitoba", seconded by Mrs. A.J. Fletcher. The offices of President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer are to be filled. The membership fee was set at fifty cents. A nomination committee was named and asked to report to the next meeting. On 19 January the first meeting of the newly formed Auxiliary was held at the home of Mrs. Jules Prudhomme. The nomination committee gave their report as follows:

  President Mrs. A.J. Hughes
  1st Vice Mrs. Prudhomme
  2nd Vice Mrs. Chill
  3rd Vice Mrs. C.R. Frayer
  Treasurer Mrs. W Russell
  Secretary Mrs. Campbell

Committees included Refreshments, Visiting and Uniforms. Future meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of each month at 3 PM in the Red Cross rooms at 187 Kennedy street.

The Division annual meeting was held in February where Mrs. Colin Campbell, OBE stressed the advantages which training in Sea Cadets offered youth and Reverend W. Gordon suggested that efforts be made to provide a summer camp for the further development of cadets. The work of the Auxiliary was reviewed by Mrs. Hughes. Mr. Irlam, convenor of the uniform committee reported that work would start immediately on the knitting of sweaters, socks and other items for the cadets. Mrs. Moorehouse was appointed convenor to purchase wool with a $5.00 kitty. A membership committee was also formed with Mrs. Fraser as convenor. On 16 March 1938 it was moved by Mrs. Williams and seconded by Mrs. Fraser that the meeting open with the Navy League of Canada's motto "KEEP WATCH". This motto is still used to open each meeting held by the Auxiliary. Invitations will be sent to cadet parents and friends to attend a demonstration of sandwich and salad making at St. Luke's Church Parish Hall on 25 April. This was the first fund raising project of the newly formed group.

A motion was made to request a loan from the Division of no more than $20.00 to purchase wool should this become necessary. The money was borrowed at a later date and repaid when funds were raised through a Silver Tea held at the home of Mrs. Hugh Osler in October.

The first Christmas treats given by the Ladies took place in December at the Cadets Annual Christmas Jamboree. Hot coffee for the cadets had been served since 1 December. The auxiliary donated a box of provisions to a needy family living outside the city limits, the delivery was made by Moore's Taxi. A letter of thanks was sent to Moore's thanking them for their kind gesture.

Mrs. Hughes was again elected at the 1939 annual meeting. The refreshment committee reported that cadets were now being served "goodies" on the last Friday of each month. Donations of wool were collected for the making of a motor rug which will be the raffle prize. Ticket were sold at 10¢ each or 3/25¢. In May the motor rug was won by Miss. Malerfont and the raffle profit was $38.80. Mrs. Hughes made an urgent plea for used clothing for an aged man who was caring for a cadet on his small pension. Upon investigation the cadet was given socks and a sweater by the Auxiliary. The bank balance was $48.23.

In September war was declared and the ladies held their meetings in the IODE Club rooms. A letter of thanks was read from cadet Woolard for the clothing donated by members. Mrs. Pegg, the knitting convenor reported fifty pairs of socks were ready and $30.00 had been given to the committee to purchase more wool.

A theater party was held on 6 November and raised $80.00 and the ladies donated $60.00 to the Sea Cadet Camp fund.

The cadet jamboree in December was a real success. Donuts were kindly donated by the Auxiliary Patronesses. Ten pounds of sugar and coffee were donated by the Members. Mrs. Saul and Mrs. Carbould donated twelve dozen cups and saucers.

The bank balance at year's end was $48.23.

The new year started off with the sad news of the deaths of Mr. E.W. Kneeland, Past President of the Manitoba Division in Montreal and Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor General of Canada.

The annual meeting in February was held at the home of Mrs. Corbould where the knitting convenor reported that one hundred-eighty pairs of socks, thirty-three guernseys and ten helmets have been knitted in the last year. Knitting of socks had been undertaken by the members. Wool was either bought or donated by members or the Division.

Commander T.W. Baird was requested to send the Auxiliary a Honour Roll of former Sea Cadets now on active service. In June a one minute silence was observed for fallen sailors. A cadet jamboree was held at the cost of $29.75 which was covered by donations from the patronesses and cash on hand. A number of resignations were received from members leaving the city due to their husbands being transferred to active duties with the navy. Raffles were used to raise funds in order to make purchases for the cadets. Funds were also needed to purchase wool which was rapidly increasing in price. The sum of fifty dollars was given to Mrs. Pegg, knitting convenor to purchase wool to be used over the summer months. A donation of spindles of wool enabled the ladies to knit short scarves for fishermen on duty off the east coast.

One of the most unusual raffles ever held by the Auxiliary took place in November 1940. A singing canary with a value of $10.00 was donated and gratefully accepted. The canary was housed and cared for by members until the draw date. Tickets were sold, and only $9.40 raised with Mrs. Bolton announced as the winner. This must surely be one of the rare occasions when the ladies lost out on fund raising event.

It was decided to keep on hand some of the socks and mitts for any former sea cadets on active service in need of them.

A request was made for volunteers to knit seaman's stockings by the Auxiliary of the RCNVR, this was done and a letter of thanks was received from that group as well as the seamen receiving them. On 19 December the annual Christmas Jamboree was held, five former cadets now on active service attended. They were presented with socks and a pair of mitts. Cadet strength is now 252, making the corps the largest in Canada. Jack Hodge was the tallest and youngest Sub-Lieutenant in the Corps. He was also the first cadet in the unit to wear crossed guns as Chief Gunner's Mate. Jack Hodge was to become the National Secretary of The Navy League of Canada in Ottawa. Sea Cadet concerts were a feature throughout the war years, Cadets Hodge, Somerville and Ligertwood are well remembered as are other participants of these and other public events.

A kind offer from the Ladies of the IODE Chapters enabled us to ship our knitted goods to the seaman's institute in St. John's, New Brunswick and to the Merchant Navy in Halifax saving the Auxiliary the shipping charges.

Knitting was in full swing and some of the organizations and groups affiliated with the Navy League were: Ninette Sanitarium Nurses Club, Beaver Lumber Co. Office Staff, War Service Group of Elim Chapel, Luncheon Group, Lanark Street Group.

The 1941 Annual Meeting reported that the Ladies raised $266.04 and expenditures were $264.24. This had been used in purchase of wool. The knitting convenor reported that the following items had been made: one hundred sixty scarves, eighty-one pairs of sea stockings, three hundred fifty-five pairs of socks, forty-five helmets, forty-four sweaters, fifty pairs of mitts and eight pairs of wristlets. Socks were also made and given to the cadets.

Fur jerkins were made and sent to the Merchant Service and a report of serviceability was requested. This project was to continue until war end as it was proven a most satisfactory.

In September 1941 a committee was formed to take charge of the ditty bag project. It was felt it would be wise to get as many bags and other garments as possible ready for Christmas giving to the sailors. Mr. Ruttan, Division President gave a very interesting talk on the work of the Navy League. Opening of hostels in the seaports for sailors and the fact that Winnipeg has the largest Sea Cadet Corps in the British Empire.

It must be noted that the ladies had guest speakers, films, slides or other entertainment after the meetings at least once a month until the late 1960's. Refreshments were also served after each meeting.

Reports from the 1942 annual meeting include: donation of five hundred pounds of wool from Division, participation in the tag day, sales of tickets for the Sea Cadet concert, three hundred-twenty cadets attended the jamboree. Ditty bags and jerkins continued to be turned out in large numbers. The ladies were asked to make overalls for seamen at a cost of $3.00 a pair in addition to the garments now being made by the Auxiliary. Members volunteered to take turns working in the United Service Center set up in Eaton's Annex.

Mrs. Moorehouse reported that safety pins were impossible to purchase and members were asked to donate as many as they could especially the large size. These pins were for use in the housewives. The ladies assisted at the 1943 Division Tag Day where they collected $1367.09 of the $7543.02 total.

Through-out the year the ladies continued to knit and sew garments for the sailors and the cadets and well as raise funds for their many on-going projects. The collection of books and magazines continued and these were shipped to hostels and to the ships for use by sailors and merchant seamen.

Life membership in the Ladies Auxiliary was presented to Mrs. E. Davies and Mrs. M. Hughes for their "splendid work", both ladies had been members since 1931. In June 1945 a meeting was held at the Ellice Avenue Barracks were a decision was made to make five thousand housewives. The Division was asked to pay for the materials which will be repaid by the ladies in the fall.

Five hundred pairs of special immersion socks had been requested in late 1944, by October 1945 four thousand pairs had been knitted and shipped to the sailors in addition to the regular goods made and supplied by the ladies.

In September 1945 a Train Reception committee was formed. This committee would meet all trains with returning servicemen and women. Later the committee would meet trains filled with war brides who would be taken shopping by the ladies. Many of these War Brides seeing the Winnipeg shops for the first time must have been flabbergasted at the amount goods displayed, remembering they had left countries where food and all other goods were rationed. Mr. Kellett, a Merchant Seaman who had been a Japanese prisoner of war gave a very interesting talk after the October meeting. It was at this meeting the Flower Fund was started.

A complete report of the Ladies Auxiliary wartime effort was given at the 1946 Annual Meeting. Mrs. Margaret L. Hughes was named Honourary President and Mrs. S. Cramp named President.

"Camp Ruttan" one hundred acre island in the Lake of the Woods was turned into a sea cadet camp which was attended by six hundred cadets in its first year of operation was to become one of the Auxiliary's new projects. The Ladies had the privilege of choosing a name for the "Sick Bay" and the name chosen was E.W. Kneeland in memory of the late President of the Manitoba Division, The Navy League of Canada. Total donation to the sick bay was $500.00.

New fund raising projects had to be found in order to support the cadets. Quilt blocks with space for twenty names would be sold at ten cents per name. Fifty blocks were distributed at the March meeting. Proceeds from the quilt was $157.10, expenses were $6.05. The blocks of this quilt would not be pieced together until 1950 and is still in the possession of the Auxiliary.

An interesting thank you note was sent to Mesdames Somerville and Daly for their donation of a stuffed squirrel. Unfortunately we have no more information regarding this unusual donation as the minutes of the time were lacking in further information.

In December 1946 the Scholarship Fund was established so that monies would be available for sea cadets leaving school to further their education. No applications for this scholarship would be forthcoming until the spring of 1948.

The ladies continued to meet the trains bringing the war brides to the west, assisting with sea cadet concerts and of course the raising of funds. Invitations to visit Camp Ruttan resulted in the ladies enjoying a picnic and cruise in July and a return visit in August 1947.

The Visiting Committee continued to visit the Veteran's Annex on Academy Road, a motion to purchase ten packages of cigarettes at ten cents each was passed.

On November 24th the first home baking table held at a tea was set up and sandwiches and dainties were made by the members. Two kitchen girls and a doorman will be paid the sum of $1.00 each on the day of the tea which was held at Eaton's.

The Refreshment Convenor stated that she was very disappointed with those who promised cookies, but did not. Members are to take turns supplying snacks after each meeting. The Auxiliary and the Division will assist in funding a Boat House in Mayfair Avenue. The ladies donated $250.00 from the tea proceeds.

Two scholarships are to be awarded annually at $50.00. One each for trades and academics.

A spring hairstyle and travel show was held on April 1st. Mesdames Lewis and Prentice baked one thousand cookies which were served with tea after the show. Tickets were fifty cents.

Books have been donated to the sea cadet library at Camp Ruttan by the Auxiliary and IODE Chapters in the city. More than one thousand books were given to the library.

A notion to start an evening group was carried. The first meeting took place on 28th April 1948 at 24 Fairmont Apartments. This group was represented by the Third Vice President at the regular afternoon meetings.

During the summer the ladies were again invited to visit Camp Ruttan. Members journeyed to the Lake of the Woods by train and had a very enjoyable day visiting with cadets and officers. A basket picnic lunch was held at Grand Beach in late summer.

One ton of coal was donated, this was used as one of the prizes in our Quiz draw, held in conjunction with the Fall Tea.

An electric clock purchased at a cost of $9.00 was presented to Lieutenant Commander Dunc Menzies upon his forthcoming marriage to Miss. Agnes Muir. Dunc went on to become Division President. The first scholarship was presented to Cadet Marvin Vernon McDill for fifty dollars.

The Fall tea raised over one thousand dollars so some of the monies where set aside for: One hundred dollars was deposited into the Scholarship fund and ten dollars was donated to the new children's hospital fund. The membership fee was raised to one dollar.

Thirty one members attended the 1949 annual meeting 20th January which was held in the form of a dinner, Commander E. Brock, Division President chaired the meeting. The Commander addressed the meeting remarking that the Auxiliary was an inspiration to the Division executive. Mr. J.D. Ruttan paid tribute to the members for the amount of work done. Not large in numbers but tremendous in its enthusiasm which had continued in peacetime. The Sea Cadet Convenor reported that a total of $2385.70 was turned over to the Division of which $1550.00 was used for the building of the boathouse. The boathouse was officially turned over to the corps on 13 June 1949. Nine visits were made to the Veterans Hospital on Academy Road and a years subscription to the daily newspaper had been purchased as well as cigarettes, candy and books. Old cadet uniforms, sweaters and socks were converted into blankets by Fairfields, a woollen mill at Little Britain. The Auxiliary now had a wool credit with the mill of 583 pounds which will be made into blankets.

Two pairs of boxing gloves were donated by Mrs. Holden for the use of sea cadets. A fashion show complete with runway, flowers, mirrors and jewellery were supplied by local businesses. Sea Cadets were used as ushers. Cakes and blankets were sold. Profits…$291.82.

Early in 1949 the Sea Cadet Corps moved into its new home, HMCS Chippawa. Mrs. W.A. Cramp attended as did representatives from the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba Division, Province of Manitoba and HMCS Chippawa. The 250 cadets and band paraded under the direction of LCdr. T.W. Baird.

The annual inspection of the Sea Cadet Corps took place on Friday, May 27th. Upon completion of the marchpast two cadets received prizes from the Navy League of Canada's Essay Contest. A medal was presented to Cadet W. Law and a certificate given to Cadet J. Benoit.

The 1949 scholarships of $50.00 were presented to Chief Petty Officers William Law and N.J. Walton. An anonymous member donated a further fifty dollars which was broken down to one $20.00 and two $15.00 grants. The $20.00 was awarded to Cadet Robert Crossley and Cadets G. Fifi and W. Terons.

Eighteen Sea Cadets from New Zealand visited the city and were entertained by the Navy League in October.

The Manitoba Division extended an invitation to the Auxiliary to a luncheon at the Hudson's Bay Company on December 9th. A cheque was presented to the Division for $1200.00 as a final donation towards the building of the boathouse. Jamborees were held for the cadets in December of each year. Cakes, donuts, sandwiches and drinks were served by the ladies.

The corps requested a cabinet for displaying their trophies. This request was granted and fifty dollars was allotted for the trophy cabinet.

The 1950 annual meeting and dinner was held at the "Homestead" on 25 January. Mr. Frost chaired the meeting, at which time the reports of the year's activities were read. A motion to give Mr. Corbould a vote of thanks for his kindness in auditing the books of the Auxiliary which he had done for many years free of charge. A "highly satisfactory" report was given by the Evening Group. Mrs. Cramp was presented with an Honour Certificate and Award of Merit Medal for "a job well done" by Mr. Frost. Mr. Frost was the Division President who presented the Auxiliary with the Gavel and Stand still in use. Letter of Thanks were sent to the IODE for their donations of books for the Sea Cadet library and to Miss. Keeler for piecing together the quilt.

The 1950 rummage sale was cancelled due to the space at the Ship being needed for the flood evacuees. Boxes of home baked cookies were taken to the Auditorium for the children as the recipients at the Veteran's Hospital had been moved because of the floods. A Thank You letter was sent to the Navy League from Commander Main expressing gratitude for all the work done during the floods. Scholarships have been increased to one at $100.00 and one at $75.00. A special meeting was held where the ladies decided to donate $150.00 towards the building of a lighthouse at Camp Ruttan. A plaque stating that it was built with the help of the Woman's Auxiliary to be mounted on the structure.

Mr. Orris requested that the Ladies again make ditty bags for use by sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy serving in Korean Waters. Total requested was one hundred. Christmas cards were also inserted in the bags before shipment.

At the Annual Meeting of 1951 a further $250.00 was given to the Lighthouse Fund. Members were told that the past year had been difficult but all obligations had been met. Due to the numbers of members the Evening Group was now too large to hold meetings in member's homes, both groups will now meet on the third Thursday evening of each month at the ship.

Colours purchased at the cost of $80.00 and will be presented on Trafalgar day, 21 October at Knox Church.

Mrs. Thompson baked one thousand cookies for the Tea, expenses covered by a $10.00 donation from Eaton's. Some of the cookies were used by the Veterans Visiting Committee.

Manitoba Division kindly offered to bear the cost of the Annual Dinner of the Auxiliary and this offer was accepted with pleasure. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Frost. The Manitoba Division was forced to close Camp Ruttan in 1952 due to the withdrawal of Naval support.

A letter was received from Eaton's regarding our charge account. Signatures are required as a new number has been assigned.

Scholarships will not be given to members of Crusader as they are considered an outside corps because they did not parade at HMCS Chippawa. The corps was formed and paraded at St. Paul's High School until they commenced parading at the Ship sometime late 1951 or early 1952. The making of ditty bags again consumed many hours of the members time. Shipments were being made for Easter and Christmas. The Sea Cadet Convenor reported that "One cadet from each province will be chosen to attend the Coronation and eleven new Corps have been formed in Canada in the past few months."

The treasurer will make inquiries to find out if the Women's Auxiliary can purchase Canada Savings Bonds. Purchase of the bonds was made and held for many years as a reserve fund. Cost $944.27 plus $1.40 for safekeeping at the Bank of Nova Scotia.

A motion was made to assist the newly formed Selkirk Branch to establish an Auxiliary to help support the Corps, RCSCC Daerwood.

The annual tea was held in the Wardroom for the first time on 23rd May 1953. The membership Convenor stated "To be a member in good standing, fees must be paid by the end of September, if unpaid by that time their names will be struck off the membership books."

On 21st January 1954 a new group "Junior Cadets" commenced parading. The young boys aged twelve through fourteen years old would later be called Navy League Cadets. The Corps later took the name "JRK Millen" in tribute to Mr. Millen who had been a strong supporter of the Navy League for many years. The corps first commanding officer was none other than Lieutenant Commander T.W. Baird, a former commanding officer of RCSCC John Travers Cornwell, VC.

The President sent letters to the parents of cadets in the new corps to join the auxiliary.

One of the decisions made at the 1954 annual meeting held onboard HMCS Chippawa for the first time was that the project for the year was the building of a Jetty at the cost of $300.00 with the payments spread over three years. A Coffee Party was held at Eaton's instead of a Fall Tea on November 14th convened by the President, Mrs. Mary Jackson. Mothers of cadets, Wives of officers, the Sea Cadet Old-timers and Division members were sent invitation. Members continued to produce ditty bags as there had been no word to discontinue this project. The cost was $5.00 per bag. Over many years local businesses had donated items that were inserted into the ditty bags.

The Cadet Convenor reported on the numbers of cadets in the Division:

Brandon......89 Sea Cadets and 29 Navy League Cadets,
Selkirk.........56 Sea Cadets,
Flin Flon......30 Sea Cadets,
Winnipeg....377 Sea Cadets and 150 Navy League Cadet.

Mr. J.R.K. Millen advised that there was 6500 sea cadets across Canada and Navy League Cadets were now organized coast to coast.

In January 1955 a matched set of drums were presented to the Navy League Cadet Corps for use by the Bugle Band. Chief of Police Taft spoke on "Female Delinquency" caused by lack of religion, parents both out and discord in the home.

Motion that an "Efficiency Trophy" be given by our Auxiliary and awarded annually for national competition by Navy League Cadets was agreed to by all members. The Trophy was purchased in 1956 at a cost of $150.00. The wording was:

General Proficiency Trophy
Navy League Cadets
Presented for Annual Competition by the
Women's Auxiliary of Manitoba Division
The Navy League of Canada

A Membership Convenor was appointed due to the increase in members. Mrs. Walker agreed to accept this position.

The ladies decided not to have a Bowl at the "Get Together Tea". This was a great success, twenty-nine members donated $1.00 each to defray expenses.

A committee was set up to help the Sea Cadet Corps with a variety concert at the Playhouse.

Final payment of $100.00 would bring the total donation to $500.00 that the Auxiliary had given towards the Jetty.

Canada Savings Bond of $500.00 was purchased. This brings our total of bonds to $1500.00.

Early in 1956 it was suggested that we hold only one evening meeting and that afternoon meetings be discontinued.

A discussion on the rules regarding length and terms of office took place. Mrs. Hughes replied "That we do follow the Navy League of Canada constitution (as the Women's Auxiliary does not have one of its own) and elect our officers from year to year." Fifty dollars was allotted towards the purchase of twelve dozen cups and saucers. The Flower fund was established with the collection of $8.40.

Mrs. Hughes, Life Member made a presentation on behalf of the Women's Auxiliary to LCdr. Baird upon his retirement and Mrs. Jean Baird was given a Membership scroll for her many years of service to the Auxiliary.

Mr. Walker, Vice President, Manitoba Division inquired if the ladies would take over the Canteen in the Sea Cadet quarters. He advised that some profit could be made in this work. After much discussion the members approved the job of running the canteen. The times of operation would be Wednesday afternoon and Monday, Thursday and Friday evening at 2015 (8:15 PM). The canteen would prove to be a good source of revenue, profits of over $500.00 would be realized in only five months. Dinks were sold at ten cents and chocolate bars for seven cents. Mrs. S. Hatfield, past president presented the National Proficiency Trophy to Mr. J.R.K. Millen and Mr. Hamerton of the Division who would take it to the National Meeting of the Navy League of Canada.

Ditty bags were again made for sailors stationed in Indo-China.

Money was spent to repair the cooler in the canteen in 1957 at the cost of $50.05 plus a servicing charge of $6.00 per month. A report of missing money from the canteen was brought to the attention of the members.

Mrs. Cramp was presented with her Life Membership and she agreed to retain the position of Honourary President with Mrs. Ruttan as Honourary Vice President.

A drum was donated to RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC and a plaque was placed on it stating it was a donation from the Auxiliary. A fifty dollar donation was given to the corps towards the Jamborees and a motion made that we will subsidize the Father and Son dinner.

Material for making aprons was passed out to members, this material cost $24.25. Members will sew these aprons for sale at the next tea. A "real good luncheon" was served by Mrs. Saywell after the executive meeting. The amount paid by the Auxiliary for the Father and Son dinner was $277.25. In 1958 it was decided that the Annual Meeting and the Dinner would be held separately. The Scholarships were increased to $100.00 and $150.00 and the Auxiliary was asked to pay all the expenses of the Jamborees. Navy League Cadets would get sandwiches and ice cream and Sea Cadets would be served hot dogs and ice cream. Pepsi and Coca-Cola donated all the drinks for this event. These companies along with Scott-Bathgate Limited and Old Dutch Foods have made donations for special events over the years.


In 1959 many changes took place starting with… Mr. Frost spoke to the ladies stating "The Division is getting too big to handle as one group, and since the Greater Winnipeg Committee had been formed in 1955 and officially became a Branch in 1959, it was felt that the Women's Auxiliary should join this group". A motion was made that the Women's Auxiliary now be known as the Woman's Auxiliary, Greater Winnipeg Branch.

Eighteen hand signal flags were made by the ladies and presented to Navy League Cadets at St. Stephens Church.

Motion to purchase a new cooler for the canteen, cost $515.00. Model of the "Empress of Scotland" was presented by Canadian Pacific Railway officials on 18 October to the Cadets of all three Winnipeg corps. A request for holster aprons for the drummers. The material was too heavy for sewing on a home sewing machine so they were made by an awning company and paid for by the Auxiliary. Two very interesting films were shown, one on the Brussels Fair and one of California after the February 1950 meeting. On March 17th a New Members night was held. The sum of three hundred fifty dollars was set aside for band instruments for the corps and fifty dollars given to the branch. For the last number of years the annual meeting had been held in June with poor attendance, after much discussion it was moved and carried that we hold the meeting on the first business meeting in September. New linoleum was laid in the canteen.

The auxiliary sent a Letter of Thanks to Mr. Frost for the Gavel and Stand, a suitable inscription was placed on the stand.

Motion that the Canteen manager would be paid $15.00 for travel expenses and that ten dollars be given $10.00 for petty cash. Cadets with perfect attendance over ten weeks were given a free drink. The Navy League Cadet Corps adopted the name "JRK Millen" in late 1960.

One of the guest speakers in 1961 was Mrs. J.R. Cross, wife of the British Trade Minister who gave a very interesting talk on India. Motion to purchase needed items instead of borrowing them from St. Paul's Anglican in Fort Garry as we have done for so many years. One hundred-twenty five dollars was set aside for this purpose.

Inspection of all corps by Lieutenant-Governor Willis at the Legislative Grounds, followed by a reception at HMCS Chippawa.

The annual dinner was held at the Parker House on June 7th followed by films of the Hawaiian Islands.

Mr. Rothwell chaired the annual meeting in September and stated "it would be very difficult to operate without the aid of the Women's Auxiliary". Two Bass Drums were purchased for Sea Cadets at the cost of $384.00 and $350.00 was used for Scholarships. Pepsi Cola donated a clock for the canteen. A Tri-service dance was held on 12 January 1962 followed by a Father and Son Banquet and a Cadet and their Lady dance in February.

LCdr. R. Watkins advised that a mace is required for NL Cadets and bandmaster Rigg gave a list of necessities for the SC Band. A mace was presented to JRK Millen and most of the band requirements were purchased. One hundred hardcovered three ring binders were bought for .50c each and sold for .60c each. Mrs. P. Gustafson reported that the cadet's conduct was remarkable at the tea held on November 16th.

At the January 1963 meeting it was decided that the scholarships would be presented to the winners at the first meeting in September.

Mr. Hayden and Mr. Deally asked for the ladies assistance in helping the branch to raise $10,000 so that they could purchase pea jackets for the Navy League Cadets. Letter to be sent to all tardy non active members regarding their responsibilities and if their dues are not forthcoming their names will be removed from the membership lists.

Mr. Davies chaired the annual meeting in September and informed the members that cadet strength is almost one thousand strong. Three corps are parading at the ship at this time. Mr. Tommy Dancer closed the meeting by assuring the ladies of all possible assistance from the branch. At the 1964 tea the formal presentation of the pea jackets was made. The jackets were purchased at Eaton's at the cost of $3500.00 of which $900.00 was donated by the Auxiliary.

Metal garbage cans were bought for use in the canteen as the plastic ones purchased last year were chewed by the resident mice. A First Aid Kit was placed in the canteen with monies given by Mrs. Helen Burch.

Three hundred dollars given to the Branch to purchase caps for the cadets and $350.00 given to RCSCC Crusader's new band for bag pipes.

Members attended the Wind-up at the Pembina Hotel, dinner cost was two dollars, with the services of a bartender and drinks may be purchased at .40c-.50c. Auction of a fur jacket donated by Mrs. Ruttan was won by Mrs. Pauline Gustafson. Members and their husbands were invited to attend a "Square Dance Ship" held on Sundays at 2000 hours (8PM). Due to lack of public knowledge regarding the Women's Auxiliary the Publicity Convenor will contact the media and request coverage of meetings, teas, scholarships and other events. A decision was made to change the tea from the fall to the spring.

An invitation was received from RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC to a social evening on 26th November to introduce the Auxiliary to the officers of the corps and to see the cadets in action. The officers served tea to the ladies.

The Flower Convenor announced that the fund was in the red for the amount of $3.41. Motion that gifts from the Flower Fund would be for the immediate family. Cards only to be sent in the case of illness, flowers to be sent upon the death of mother, father, husband and child.

In 1965 a motion was made that several quotes should be presented with a corps request before approval and payment would be made. Canteen Managers were given Auxiliary approval to appoint their own canteen staffer. A eighty-four cup urn was purchased for use at the Tea and other functions. Money from the canteen and other sources were deposited directly into the Night Deposit as it was felt that the danger was far too great to warrant the risk of carrying it home.

New colours were presented to the Sea Cadets at a ceremony held at HMCS Chippawa with almost 350 cadets on parade. A set of bagpipes were formally turned over to RCSCC Crusader by the Auxiliary at the same ceremony.

A motion to purchase good long-sleeved fleece lined sweatshirts was made. Cost $1.49 per sweatshirt, printing of logo at $1.50 per dozen, screen cost at $8.00. Total cost per sweatshirt was $1.61. Sale of glasses with the sea cadet crest took place at the end of the year.

Early in 1966 a motion was made to change the name from Scholarships to Educational Grants and that the applicant may be out of the corps no more than one year. Grants may be used for university, trade and business schools.

The spring tea was held in the Sea Cadet Quarters, opened by Mr. Jack Dangerfield and with LCdr. Jim Wood acting as Master of Ceremonies. Again due to flood conditions the annual rummage sale was postponed. In May Coca-Cola donated twenty cases of drinks for the cadets attending the Battle of Atlantic church services. Pepsi usually donated for the Battle of Trafalgar service held in October. The annual wind-up was held at the Charleswood Hotel and the members of the executive modelled their hat creations for the members in attendance.

Commander Benson addressed the ladies at the Annual Meeting and requested their assistance in aiding the branch as they are facing financial difficulties.

An additional one hundred sweatshirts were ordered before the increase in price took effect. The selling price of these sweatshirts was not recorded in the minutes. Navy League manuals were purchased for .20c and sold at .25c.

A "Demonstration Party" was held on November 7th at the Gas Company on king street. Tickets .50c.

Canteen workers put their names in a box each time they worked and a prize would be awarded at year end. Mrs. Shirley Hatfield made a motion seconded by Mrs. Mary Jackson that the Centennial project be a cook book. Mrs. Jackson gave us a "good talking to about the behaviour and procedure at our meetings". Motion was made that an Executive Member be replaced if she missed three consecutive meetings and that the Vice-President is not necessarily the next President.

The Convenor reported that the Flower Fund was low so it was decided that members would donate one nickel per meeting.

Greater Winnipeg branch sold First Aid kits as a fund raising project.

Forty-eight cadets visited from #144, RCSCC Fort Frances.

The spring tea was moved to April in 1967 and was called the "Centennial Rose Tea". Convenor was to decide who would open the tea.

Motion that the Jamboree dates would be set by the October meeting and that the dates would be set by the Women's Auxiliary and the Commanding Officers informed.

Wind-up dinner would be held earlier this year so as to avoid the Provincial sales tax on food. The event was held at the Balmoral Motor Inn. Winner of the canteen worker draw was Mrs. Pat Haimes. It was brought to the attention of the members that the Toast to the Queen had not been made at the Wind-up Dinner.

Navy League Cadet Corps JRK Millen now had 350 on parade.

The auxiliary purchased Pea Jackets for the Navy League Corps and a Mace for RCSCC Crusader. One hundred dollars was given to RCSCC Crusader, RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC and NLCC JRK Millen as a Centennial gift and stop watches purchased for the use of all corps.

A bequest of one hundred dollars was received from the estate for Mrs. Corbould who died in the summer. In November we had a nice visit from Mrs. Harriet Davies, who was one of the original 1931 members of the Women's Committee under the Manitoba Division.

The Navy League Cadet's Father and Son dinner was attended by over five hundred people and was served by the Auxiliary ladies. After the dish washing and cleanup the ladies realized that some of the silverware was missing. Officers of the Corps which included Don Hughes and Dave Russell as well as the ladies rummaged through eighteen bags of garbage in order to find the missing silverware. This group of ladies were known as the "garbage pickers" for quite some time after the dinner.

The Quilt was dry-cleaned and would be on display at the spring tea. Mrs. Hughes celebrated her 97th birthday in February 1968, members visited her in Fred Douglas Lodge.

Ceremony to officially open RCSCC Qu'Appelle took place on 11 March with LCdr. W.M. (Slim) Somerville as Commanding Officer and forty-seven cadets on parade. Cadet Corps strength was as follows:

JT Cornwell VC....242
JRK Millen............230

A Fashion Show and Beetle Bingo was enjoyed by all after the Wind-up at the Airliner Inn.

The Canteen Manager expressed disappointment of the turnout of members to help at the Jamborees. The bagging of bulk candies and peanuts started in the middle 1960's. Candies were purchased at a good price from Scott-Bathgate Company through the efforts of Mary Jackson who was an employee. Jube-jube bags held two of each colour…red, black, orange, yellow, green and a bag of peanuts held a good egg cup full. The bags sold for a nickel each. The bagging bee took place at member's homes and must have been lively affairs if the stories you hear are to be believed… One evening during a bagging bee a bottle of wine was inadvertently knocked over and landed in the pile of jubes on the table. The mulled jubes were bagged and sold to Bill Messier of NLCC JRK Millen.

An Awards Committee was set up in 1969 and they reported that a member may be awarded the Women's Auxiliary Life Membership with 10-15 years of outstanding service. Life members will sit at the head table at the Tea and the Wind-up. A parade of hats made by the members from kitchen utensils was part of the entertainment at the Wind-up.

RCSCC Crusader received two sighting scopes, RCSCC JT Cornwell VC was given band equipment and RCSCC Qu'Appelle was presented with $100.00 to help kit out the Drum and Bugle Band.

On 20 May 1969 the ladies were saddened by the news that Mrs. Hughes, the founding president had passed away. Pallbearers were officers of the Navy League and Sea Cadet Corps. Mrs. Davies, another of the founding members passed away in June. Both of these ladies had given much time and energy in the service of the Auxiliary.

NLCC JRK Millen purchased a pair of Cymbals and would have them suitably engraved. This purchase was made with the monies bequested from Mrs. Corbould's estate. They will be formally turned over to the corps by Mrs. Corbould's daughter.

Mr. George Hanna chaired the annual meeting. All Commanding Officers were in attendance and they expressed their gratitude for the work of the Auxiliary. Seven ladies received their Life Membership.

In 1970 a Navy League Wrenette Corps was formed in Winnipeg and given the name Centennial. This corps was for girls aged fourteen to eighteen. Corps chairman was Mrs. J. Whitehouse and Commanding Officer was Lt. M. Percival.

RCSCC Qu'Appelle purchased a mace and gauntlets with their Centennial gift money. RCSCC JT Cornwell VC were presented with scopes and the Margaret L. Hughes Trophy.

The wearing of Kilts had been approved for the band of RCSCC Crusader in 1970. Ladies knitted the Aryyle hose. Rings were purchased for the "Most Popular" cadet in each corps.

Mr. Jack Hodge, National Secretary of the Navy League of Canada in Ottawa spoke on the functions of the League.

The Educational Grants were increased from $100.00 to $150.00. The Canteen Manager's honourarium raised from $15.00 to $25.00, and cupboards were built and the sum of $6.00 spent on painting the canteen.

Members aided the Wrenettes with their make-up for the Tattoo. NLWC Centennial was presented with a cheque for $200.00 to purchase a Mace, Gauntlets and a Canadian Flag.

Mrs. Helen Burch accepted the position of Honourary President.

The annual meeting saw Mr. John Lemaistre, Branch President in the chair and Mr. Tommy Dancer, Division President reporting on the number of members of the Navy League. Lt. Percival spoke on the activities of the corps first year of operation. The sum of two hundred dollars was set aside for each corps for their fall needs.

The auxiliary was one of the beneficiaries in the will of the late Mrs. H. Davies for the sum of $350.00. This money was deposited into the Scholarship Account.

LCdr. Don Hughes invited the members of the Auxiliary to attend JRK Millen's Christmas party held in the Wardroom.

Members attended the 90th birthday party held at the Lion's Manor for Mrs. Helen Burch, at which time she was given her Award for Service certificate.

LCdr. Somerville requested the ladies assistance with alterations to costumes and help with the make-up for the tattoo.

Donation of material was used for pocket purses for the Wrenettes which were sewn by Mrs. Grimes and Mrs. Munday.

The ladies agreed that a fish pond for the children attending the Tea would be a good idea. Plaque given to NLWC Centennial and a Trophy presented to RCSCC Qu'Appelle.

The Treasurer reported that the Scholarship Fund had a balance of $676.31 with $835.40 in the General Account and $415.73 deposited in the Canteen Account.

A request from RCSCC Crusader for twelve pairs of Argyle hose for members of the pipe band saw ladies of the Auxiliary again knitting socks.

In 1973 the price of drinks was increased for the first time since 1959 from ten cents to fifteen cents for Sea Cadets but would remain at ten cents for NL cadets and Wrenettes. Ladies were reminded that only paid-up members could work in the canteen and that the canteen manager would be made aware of this regulation. Rules and Regulations of the Canteen were posted on the board in the canteen. The nomination committee recommended that the Auxiliary should consider new positions on the executive, that of a canteen staffer and assistant manager. Motion that elected officers hold that office for one year with the option of serving for one additional year.

The Ladies catered to the Mother and Wrenette banquet.

Mr. Jim Wood, President of the Branch chaired the Annual Meeting thanking the ladies for all their work and the donations given to the corps. Mr. Wood is currently the President of the Division. The ladies were advised that cadets were not to be in attendance at future projects where alcohol would be served.

In 1974 a review of the rules for granting Educational Grants took place. It was decided that drinks would be fifteen cents for all cadets and chips would increase to 15c. It was moved that members advising they will be attending a social function requiring a fee would be held responsible for payment.

In 1975 the International exchange cadets were served breakfast by the ladies during their visit to Winnipeg and that the Auxiliary would be reimbursed by the Division. Letter of Thanks was received from Mr. Les Avery, Division President.

Mesdames Dyer, Lloyd, Robb and Dolinski served refreshments to officers attending a course at HMCS Chippawa.

Members and their husbands were invited to attend JRK Millen's annual Christmas party in the Wardroom.

Sports equipment was given to RCSCC Qu'Appelle and two glockenspiels were presented to NLWC Centennial early in the new year of 1976.

Donations to the Helen Burch Memorial Fund will be acknowledged and income tax receipts issued through the Branch. Monies collected will be used for NLCC JRK Millen as this was her "pet" corps.

Educational Grants increased to two hundred dollars. No more than five to be given out.

Qu'Appelle requested camping equipment and the ladies presented them with a tent, roommaster and lanterns at a cost of $498.62. The new video film "Summer Challenge" was shown, this was taken at various sea cadet summer camps.

This year females were allowed to join Sea Cadets for the first time. NLWC Centennial was disbanded and then re-opened for girls aged 11 to 13 (the same age group as NLCC JRK Millen). Forty Wrenettes and four officers were on parade.

Winnipeg corps strength was as follows:

John Travers Cornwell VC...200+
JRK Millen..........................171

January 1977 the candy baggers made up 2900 bags of jube-jubes and green mints.

The Navy League Cadet Corps were presented with a Drum Major's sash made by Ann Jackson, cost $13.00. Membership dropped from 80 to 38 members. Twenty-four Navy League pins were ordered at a cost of $4.25 each. Monies in the Helen Burch Fund were used to purchase a trophy for JRK Millen.

Tea tickets will remain at .50c for adults and .25c for children. A "Fish Bowl" was donated by JRK Millen will be used and filled with small items.

Purchased twelve semaphore flags at a cost of $4·50 each for Centennial.

A motion to purchase a beer stein for Lt. W. Messier in recognition of his many years of services to the Auxiliary especially in the printing of raffle and tea tickets. It was also agreed that Bill and Florence be our guests at the Wind-up. Guests also included Mesdames Ormrod, Wilson, Simpson and Miss. Anderson who were Life Members of the Auxiliary. All guests were presented with corsages.

RCSCC Crusader was presented with a Walther rifle at their annual inspection.

Dates for the upcoming years events were submitted at the Annual Meeting in September. The price of potato chips was increased from .15c to .20c.

Captain Wally Fox-Decent (later promoted to Rear Admiral) attended the Division Annual Meeting in February and praised the members of the Women's Auxiliary for their extensive and excellent work.

Navy League Cadets were given two glockenspiels costing $130.00 each. A Piccolo and case was given to RCSCC JT Cornwell VC at a cost of $85.00.

The Women's Auxiliary presented a Ships clock to the HMCS Chippawa Wardroom. This clock was mounted and a suitable plaque attached. Cost of the clock was over $200.00.

Presidents of the Division and the Branch and their wives were invited guests at the Christmas party. Membership fees were increased to $2.00 in 1979 and the price of drinks went up to .25c per bottle.

The National Proficiency trophy which was donated by the Auxiliary is filled up, it was decided not to replace to trophy but to remove the old shields and replace them with new ones as required.

The canteen was opened for special occasions upon request by the corps such as sports events and dances.

Loan of $300.00 was given to the Wrenette Corps, this is to be repaid. Twenty-five pairs of pants and twenty-five parkas were given to Navy League Cadets. A king trombone was bought for $344.50 and a request for a piccolo at $360.00 was granted to RCSCC JT Cornwell VC.

New table cloths and coffee urns were purchased for the Tea. Cadets in each of the Sea Cadet Corps were informed about the Women's Auxiliary Educational Grant, it was felt that this procedure should be followed each year. In 1982 the canteen found it was in the most unusual situation, short of money and unable to pay the accounts due. This happened because the canteen was being over stocked.

Musical instruments were purchased in the amount of $493.64 and presented to RCSCC Qu'Appelle.

The membership fees were increased to $3.00.

The Auxiliary was represented by Mrs. Gwen Ligertwood at the Change of Command ceremony to honour Rear-Admiral T. Smith who took over the position of Chief of Reserves and Commodore W. Fox-Decent who was appointed Senior Naval Reserve Advisor.

A letter was sent out to all Commanding Officers explaining the procedure of making requests to the Auxiliary.

Starting in 1985 the January meeting would be cancelled due to the cold weather. A motion was made to purchase a brick for $50.00 in aid of building Ronald McDonald House.

Donations of $2000.00 were given to the corps for musical instruments during 1984-1985.

The Navy League of Canada celebrated ninety years of service and the Royal Canadian Navy held its seventy-fifth birthday in 1985.

The sum of $836.00 was given to RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC so that they could re-activate their ham radio JTC V34.

New steel garbage cans were bought for the canteen to keep the chips in. Can one assume that the pesky mice must still be around!

Members would be allowed to pay up to four years of delinquent dues in order to receive their Honourary Life Membership in the Navy League of Canada.

A Constitution Committee was chaired by Mary Lloyd but no further action was taken.

New canteen workers are not being made welcome when they come down to work.

Mr. Jackson informed the members at the 1985 Annual Meeting that our Auxiliary was one of the oldest if not the oldest in the Navy League of Canada. Mr. Mauro stated that the proof was in the pudding after hearing the auditor's report.

The President attended the presentation of the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Navy stamp at HMCS Chippawa by post office officials. Members attended the Naval Tattoo in august.

Band instruments were presented to RCSCC JT Cornwell VC totaling $954.00. In 1986 the membership list was updated to include the year of joining the auxiliary. The Navy League Cadet Corps was given $1235.00 for musical instruments and $200.00 to purchase a trophy case.

The Naval Reunion committee donated glasses which will be sold at the Tea, six for $10.00 or $2.00 each.

An Awards ceremony was held in the Wardroom for the Women's Auxiliary, hosted by the Manitoba Division. Tea and dainties were served. The sum of $300.00 and a loan of $800.00 was given to JT Cornwell VC. Loan to be repaid over two years. Glockenspiel was donated to Centennial.

In memory of Mrs. Cramp who passed away in August a donation was made to the TW Baird summer camp.

A motion was made and carried in 1987 that requests for monies for transportation would not be approved. Ten pairs of leather gauntlets at $64.20 per pair were purchased for JT Cornwell VC and Crusader requested six pipe boxes for the cadets attending the Edinburgh Tattoo and other instruments totaling $602.74 which was granted.

RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC presented the Women's Auxiliary with a plaque which was hung beside our 25 year plaque near the canteen.

The spring tea celebrated the Auxiliary's 50th Anniversary in 1988 and the Life Members were asked to sit at the Head Table. It was only in 1994 that it was discovered that we were formed in late 1931 so it really was our fifty-seventh birthday. Special anniversary pin and spoons will be sold at the tea.

Mr. Doug Ligertwood commented at the Annual Meeting that year "it was a disgrace only one Commanding Officer was in attendance knowing that the corps depended on us for financial support". Trophy was donated to Centennial for presentation to a Leading Wren.

125 banners were given to JRK Millen corps as giveaways while on their trip to Florida. Donation of $300.00 was given to Crusader to assist in the purchase of a computer.

Due to the large increase in the price of bottled drinks it was decided to try Pic-a-Pop drinks.

A Mace and a drum were presented to RCSCC Qu'Appelle in 1989. Raffle tickets were sold on behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program. Chimo Clowns of America offered their time to entertain at the tea free of charge.

Drum Major's sash was presented to RCSCC Qu'Appelle and a donation of $500.00 was given to TW Baird Camp. Three hundred invitations were printed to be used for the tea, date can be written in.

Motion "that in accordance with Navy League regulations, audit must be done annually".

Sixteen awards were handed out at the 1990 Christmas party.

Request from JRK Millen corps for $750.00 to purchase uniforms, given $500.00.

The Wind-up was held in the Legislative Building dining room following a tour of the building.

The cooler in the canteen went on the "blink" for the first time since it was purchased in 1959, a new motor and general overhaul was done.

Centennial was given a Sword for use by the Guard Officer of the corps.

Canteen worker were advised that they are NOT to accept or approve requests from the Corps.

Ladies attending the Christmas party made donations to the Rainbow Society instead of buying small gifts. Eleven hundred dollars was spent on the purchase of a mace, musical instruments and repairs for Qu'Appelle and Crusader.

A donation of $700.00 was made to the summer camp again in 1992.

Motion was made to accept husbands and fathers of cadets as members of the Auxiliary was carried and the President will inquire if this is acceptable to the League. Permission was granted and men will now be able to join the group.

$1000.00 was presented to Crusader, the money is to be used towards the purchase of bagpipes and $570.00 given to JT Cornwell VC for sports equipment. A donation of band instruments was also given to Qu'Appelle.

The 1993 band concert was held in the Playhouse in April and was called "Cadets Salute Our Veterans".

Membership fees were increased from $3.00 to $5.00.

Total of the Auxiliary monies donated to the corps was over $3000.00 this year.

Request from the Manitoba Division asking the ladies to provide a hot dog supper for the cadets attending the National Annual Meeting as Honour Guard and Band at the Holiday Inn West. Expenses were paid by the Division.

100th Anniversary pins were ordered and will be sold at the Tea.

Audio-Visual equipment was purchased for Crusader at a cost of $480.00. Donations were given to crusader and JT Cornwell VC for their Chistmas parties. Members were told that they are not working together as a team, new members arriving to work in the canteen are not made welcome and told to go home as they are not needed.

The Awards Committee was created with Olive Hooper and Ann Jackson as the Convenors so that the members could receive their awards at the proper time. Donations to Centennial included monies for uniforms, mace and musical instruments totaling over $1000.00. JRK Millen was given $341.95 for the purchase of an overhead projector. JT Cornwell received over $800.00 for the purchase of air rifles and assorted items. The TW Baird summer camp was given $1000.00.

In September 1994 the Women's Auxiliary officially changed their name to:

The Auxiliary,
Greater Winnipeg Branch,
The Navy League of Canada.

A History Committee was struck to write a brief history of The Auxiliary and a Dinner Committee to arrange a Re-union/100th Anniversary Dinner. The dinner is arranged for 30 April 1995 at the Viscount Gort Hotel.

Mrs. G.M. Partridge was appointed Honourary President, a position that had been vacant for many years.

A request from the President of the Margaret L. Hughes Chapter of the IODE, Mrs. Carol Potter to borrow the Quilt for display at their meeting was granted. The Quilt had the names of many IODE members who donated .10c to have their names embroidered on the Quilt and who had never seen the finished product.

The Auxiliary ordered fifty 100th Anniversary calendars for 1995. The inspection of the Corps within the Manitoba Division by the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba is being planned for the May long week-end in 1995.

JT Cornwell VC requested and was granted the sum of $170.00 for sports equipment. Crusader was given $500.00 to be used towards the purchase of a TV/VCR. NLCC JRK Millen was given $1236.38 to be used for the purchase of uniforms, drum heads and for First Aid training. NLWC Centennial received the sum of $1000.00 to purchase uniforms.

A motion was made that the President include a report from the branch meeting on information that may be of interest to the ladies.

Letter received from the Office of the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba who has accepted our invitation to attend the Anniversary dinner along with Her Honour.

Mrs. Pauline Gustafson, a Past President of the Auxiliary and Honourary Life Member of the Navy League of Canada has been asked to officially open the Annual Tea on Sunday afternoon, 2nd April 1995.


The excerpts on the proceeding pages were taken from the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Tribune for the years 1931 to 1937 and from the Auxiliary minutes covering the years 1938 to the present.

Compiled by the Auxiliary History Committee

Ann Jackson ** Gwen Ligertwood ** Mary Lloyd

10 March 1995



The primary purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Cadet Movement, physically and financially. Carrying out this commitment over the past sixty-four years has been successful and rewarding. Present members and those before us, felt a keen sense of dedication and valued the opportunity to be of service to a very worthy cause.

Giving freely of their time and energies, combined with exercising their many talents, has been the primary factor in meeting the auxiliary aims. One of the many rewards experienced through this common bond, is the camaraderie felt among the members of which some have established life-long friendships.

Activities of the auxiliary were varied. In the early years numerous fund raising projects were carried out, and beginning in 1932 with a Tag Day, this event set in motion the continuance of raising funds. In addition to Tag Days (which were held up to 1945) it was not unusual to have at least 3 to 6 other fund raising projects to take place each year. Among these were Garden Parties, Teas of all sorts, Sea Cadet Concerts, tours of bakeries, Ogilvies, Canada Packers, Fashion Parties, Rummage and Bake Sales, Quiz Draws, One Ton of Coal, Patriotic Stamps, Cook Book, Christmas Cards. Ogilvie Box Tops (.5c per top), Parcel Post (set up at Teas), Demonstrations of Sandwich and Salad making, home laundry, flower arrangement, Navy League Pins, glasses and spoons. Tickets were sold for all demonstrations, tours and concerts, and generally was .50c per ticket.

Holding raffles was also a means of raising funds. Many items were hand-made by members. Sugar bags were purchased by the Auxiliary and handicrafts were sewn from these. Many of the items were also sold at Teas. Bedspreads, motor rugs, fur jackets, velvet purse (donated by H.B.C.) lamps, socks, jewelry, knitted garments, quilts, dolls, cakes, needlepoint and one singing canary. Did this include a cage?

During the war years the Auxiliary was actively involved in helping the war effort. The members donated thousands and thousands of knitted articles for sailors. In addition, Ditty Bags, Housewives and Overalls were provided to seamen. Knitted sweaters and socks were also given to the cadets. Members routinely worked at the United Service Center (located in Eaton's Annex) for all visiting service men and women.

In 1945 a Train Reception Committee was formed for the purpose of meeting returning sailors and later, war brides, welcoming them and take them shopping. This continued to 1947. In 1947 a Hospital Visiting Committee was formed for the purpose of distributing pocket books, candy, newspaper, home baked cookies and cigarettes for the Veterans in the Academy Road Annex. In 1954 it was decided by the Committee to discontinue the newspaper subscription for the veterans. No further information was recorded on this subject.

The Auxiliary continued to provide Ditty Bags for seamen. In 1956, 69 were made for sailors in Indochina waters; according to information available, no further activities involving the war effort took place after 1956.

It is with much gratitude and profound thanks that we acknowledge the members of the Auxiliary who served in this particular era. Their contribution and devotion to the Cadet movement during difficult times, paved the way for others to carry on. In addition, their remarkable contribution to the war effort while fully supporting the Cadets, forms a very interesting and important part of our history.



In 1956 the Auxiliary took over managing the Canteen. Some profit would be realized through this under-taking and would be a resource for raising funds.

This facility would be open Wednesday afternoon and Monday, Thursday and Friday evening. Drinks and chocolate bars would be stocked and sold to the cadets.

Operating the Canteen required a Manager, Staffer and Treasurer, along with other volunteers. Over time the Canteen opened on FOUR Parade nights. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and discontinuing Wednesday afternoon.

It also opened for special events and primarily for Cadet Dances. In addition to stocking drinks and candy bars, this was expanded to include other edibles like potato chips, wagon wheels and assorted candy. Considerable savings were passed on to the Cadets through bulk buying of candies and bagged by members.

These were known as Bagging Bees and for a considerable time, Tons and Tons of candy have been bagged. At various times a Pot Luck supper was enjoyed prior to getting busy with counting and packaging. It is a relaxing enjoyable time combined with a feeling of great accomplishment.

Auxiliary Members, Canteen on Sea Cadet Deck of HMCS Chippawa.
Connie Spiero, Kay Palmquist and Olive Hooper.

Auxiliary Members, Canteen on Sea Cadet Deck of HMCS Chippawa, June 1997.
Olive Hooper and Kay Palmquist.

After 30 years’ service, Kay Palmquist retires, June 1997.
Kay Palmquist and Olive Hooper.



In the early years it was not unusual to hold a variety of Teas and Coffee Parties. These events were held in addition to many other fund raising projects.

By 1989 the Annual Tea was the only fund raising project initiated and carried out. Proceeds from this Tea was $2935.09. This amount indicated that future annual teas could be equally successful in fund raising, and up to our present time, this is the only project carried out in the form of fund raising.

Early planning is essential when holding the Tea. To help assure success in this large undertaking, it also requires a commitment and co-operation on the part of everyone involved· receiving confirmation of the date, time and use of the ships facilities sets the Tea in motion. Requests are made to each of the Corps for their help in providing Officers to pour tea, Cadets to serve, Bands to entertain, setting up and cleaning up.

Members are asked to donate dainties for serving (six dozen per member) and additional baking for selling. Various other items are donated for selling such as Handicrafts, Knitwear, and numerous other articles suitable for Draws, Raffles, White Elephant Table.

For those members who work at the Tea, it is a day well remembered. A great deal of accomplishment is felt in knowing that you put your best effort forth in helping to assure that a smooth and successful Tea was carried out.




Holding Rummage Sales began in 1949 and ran through until 1972, with the exception of 1950 when space was needed for flood victims. In 1984 a Ship Sale and Bake Sale was held on the Sea Cadet Deck. This sale was a Rummage Sale although it was not named that specifically. This was the last "Sale" undertaken by the Auxiliary in this category. Many will remember how interesting the Rummage Sales were. There was always a wonderful display of "Treasures" and sales were generally brisk. Many buyers went away with fabulous bargains, reminding us that "Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder!"



In December 1946 the Scholarship Fund was established so that monies would be available for Sea Cadets leaving school to further their education. The first scholarship was awarded in 1948, and has continued to the present time with as many as ten scholarships being awarded in one year.

Auxiliary President Presenting a Scholarship, Main Deck of HMCS Chippawa, 1977.
CPO1 Phillip Bingham and Mrs. Brenda Dolinski.


Since its formation in 1931 the Auxiliary has raised through various Fund Raising projects, the grand sum of a

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Written by Gwen Ligertwood





1931 - 1933 Mrs. A.J. Hughes (Margaret)
1933 - 1934 Mrs. C.E. McPherson
1934 - 1937 Mrs. A.J. Hughes



1938 - 1944 Mrs. A.J. Hughes
1944 - 1945 Mrs. V.H.K. Moorhouse (Barbara)
1945 - 1946 Mrs. G.A. Rogers (Jessie)
1946 - 1950 Mrs. W.A. Cramp (Selina)
1950 - 1951 Mrs. W. Stevens (Roxie)
1951 - 1951 Mrs. I. Perk Ins (Isobel)
1951 - 1952 Mrs. T.W. Baird (Jean)
1952 - 1953 Mrs. J. Williams (Gertude)
1953 - 1955 Mrs. A. Jackson (Mary)
1955 - 1956 Mrs. L. Hatfield (Shirley)
1956 - 1957 Mrs. F. S Aywell (Vera)
1957 - 1957 Mrs. T. Wilson (Marion)
1957 - 1958 Mrs. F. Saywell
1958 - 1959 Mrs. T. Wilson



1959 - 1964 Mrs. E.S. Rigg (Freda)
1964 - 1965 Mrs. H. Burch (Helen)
1965 - 1967 Mrs. I. Vanluesden (Ida)
1967 - 1969 Mrs. P. Gustafson (Pauline)
1969 - 1971 Mrs. E. Spero (Connie)
1971 - 1973 Mrs. R. Grimes (Rita)
1973 - 1975 Mrs. M. Lloyd (Mary)
1975 - 1977 Mrs. A. Dyer (Aurelia)
1977 - 1980 Mrs. B. Dolinski (Brenda)
1980 - 1982 Mrs. J. Hornsby (Janet)
1982 - 1984 Mrs. S. Moran (Mildred)
1984 - 1986 Mrs. D. Ligertwood (Gwen)
1986 - 1989 Mrs. R. Boutilier (Jo)
1989 - 1991 Mrs. L. Williams (Lil)
1991 - 1993 Mrs. S. Hooper (Olive)
1993 - 1994 Mrs. R. Miller (Corrie)



1994 - 1995 Mrs. Olive Hooper
1995 - 1996 Mrs. Elsie Edwards
1996 - disbandment Mrs. Ann Jackson


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