Members of the Winnipeg Sea Cadet Corps 1925.

During 1925 the Winnipeg Sea Cadets continued to parade at Minto Armoury on Tueday and Friday evenings while a very extensive Spring and Summer training program was planned for the corps. A great deal of time was to be spent acquiring a knowledge of seamanship on Winnipeg's rivers and to some extent on Lake Winnipeg.

Lt. Cdr. H. Weston, who had been a founding member of the Sea Cadets in Winnipeg and who had served as commanding officer since 1920, resigned. He felt that due to health and business pressures, he could no longer devote sufficient time to the day to day operation of the corps. The resignation of Mr. Weston left a large gap in the organization that would be difficult to fill.

However, the unit was fortunate in obtaining the services of Mr. Phillipson, a gentleman with many years Naval service to his credit. Mr. Phillipson took over as commanding officer in May of 1925 in an effort to maintain and enlarge the Winnipeg Sea Cadet organization.

A continuing problem that was to stay with the organization through the 1920's and 1930's was a supply of uniforms. This was especially true during 1925 when only one half of the corps possessed a uniform. The uniforms available were a combination of those made for the Boy's Naval Brigade and cast-offs from the local R.C.N.V.R. contingent. This lack of distinctive dress was one of the main reasons that the corps suffered in subsequent recruiting drives during 1925. Therefore, the unit's membership was to slowly dwindle until the end of 1925, when it amounted to forty-five regular cadets.

Despite the problems that plagued the Winnipeg Sea Cadets, the corps continued to participate in a series of events during the year. On May 24th, the cadets participated in the annual Decoration Day Parade in honour of those who fell during the North-West Rebellion and World War I. Approximately 100,000 people lined the route on a cold, clear day to witness the parade, while General Ketchen took the salute.

It was announced during August that plans for the annual inspection had been arranged for Friday evening, September 11, at the Winnipeg R.C.N.V.R. barracks in Norwood. The district cadet office, manned by Army personnel, was to be assisted in this inspection by a Naval officer detailed by Headquarters, Ottawa. This change was welcomed by the corps as it presented an opportunity to carry out a thorough examination of the cadets knowledge of seamanship.

During a visit to Winnipeg in December, Mr. S. Harris, president of the Navy League of Canada, attended a church service with the unit and was very pleased with their smart appearance. Prior to his departure, Mr. Harris advised that arrangements were being made to obtain a further supply of uniforms. He expressed his confidence to those present that for every uniform provided by the Navy League, a real Canadian boy would be forthcoming to fill it.

The photograph shown above was made available by Mrs. R. Knight of Winnipeg.

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