Corps Officers 1928

Winnipeg Sea Cadet officers aboard S.S. Bradbury on Red River cruise September, 1928. Front row, left to right Sub. Lt. D. Hill, LCdr. J.R.K. Millen, Lt. J. Stewart. Back row, Lt. A.E. Tamkin; Sgt. Day and Supt. E.D. Campbell, St. Jorrn's Ambulance; Sub. Lt. B. Thompson, and Lt. W. Shelton.

The Winnipeg Sea Cadets moved into 1928 with the same drive for improvement developed during the previous year.

The band, rapidly becoming the showpiece of the Corps, made several public appearances in 1928, in addition to two highly successful concerts presented on March 11 and May 15 at the Metropolitan Theatre. The band made a splendid impression upon the citizens of Brandon at a series of performances held in that city on August 23rd. A further public appearance was made in August at the Stevenson Aerodrome in connection with an aerial display.

The efficiency and popularity of the band was due in the most part to the inspiration and training given it by its new conductor Lt. Bandmaster William Shelton. Mr. Shelton joined the band in October of 1927 after an extensive career in military bands.

Seamanship training continued throughout the summer of 1928 as the Corps prepared for the Spring and Fall Canoe Club Regatta. Additional practical experience was provided when the Corps took complete charge of the S.S. Bradbury on a trip down the Red River from Selkirk in September. Later the same month, some senior members of the Corps spent the day aboard the yacht "Breeze," owned and commanded by M.A. Bekatov, a former Russian naval officer. Cadets who took part in the trip were Sub. Lt. J. Lang, in charge of the Party, and Petty Officers MacDonald, McCoubrey, Finchan, Nalder, Cropp and Dirkson.

The Corps first aid team, in its second year of training, came in for some high praise on its splendid achievement in winning the Wallace Rankin Nesbitt first aid trophy. The competition, open to all Cadet units in Canada, had been won the previous year by the Montreal Sea Cadets. Members of the team under the direction of Mr. E.D. Campbell were Chief Petty Officer Norman Lee, Petty Officer John Davis, Cadet David Nichols, Cadet Frank Mann and Cadet Joe Morton.

Further honours came to the Winnipeg Sea Cadets in 1928 when it was announced that Petty Officer Arthur F. Lemaistre would be leaving for England where he would take up training on H.M.S. Conway. Petty Officer Lemaistre, who had been actively engaged with the Winnipeg Sea Cadets for eighteen months, was the first boy from the Province to take a course aboard the Conway.

H.M.S. Conway was a school ship moored in the Mersey off Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, and was founded in 1855. The ship was designed to give a sound general and technical education to boys desirous of becoming officers in the Mercantile Marine Service.

The photograph shown on this page was kindly provided by Mr. E.D. Campbell, Victoria, British Columbia.

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