New Colors 1965

These photographs were taken on February 15, 1965 when R.C.S.C.C. John Travers Cornwell V.C. had the honor of accepting the new Canadian maple leaf flag on behalf of the sea cadets of Canada.

On February 15, 1965, R.C.S.C.C. John Travers Cornwell V.C. received the honor of accepting on behalf of the sea cadets of Canada, the new sea cadet colors. A forty eight man guard of honor, two four man color parties and the corps brass band were on parade for the visiting dignitaries.

Lieutenant-Governor, E.F. Willis of Manitoba, presented the new Maple Leaf Flag to the corps on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen. Sub. Lt. A. Purslow, who accepted the new ensign, was accompanied by Petty Officers B. Harrison and F. Wright. The retiring white ensign was carried by Petty Officer H. Gholish who was accompanied by Leading Cadets M. Rafferty and S. Macrae.

The Winnipeg sea cadet organization was saddened by the death of Mr. J.R.K. Millen during this period. Mr. Millen, who had started as R.C.S.C.C. John Travers Cornwell V.C. commanding officer in 1926, had remained active in the Navy League of Canada until shortly before his death. The contribution made by this fine gentleman can never be fully appreciated. The thousands of boys who past under his command or who were later to benefit from his work in the Navy League would always remember his kindness and interest in their welfare. If any one man was responsible for the development and maintenance of such a strong sea cadet organization in Manitoba it was Mr. J.R.K. Millen. His loss was deeply felt by all his as sociates and friends.

The three year term as commanding officer for Lt. Cdr. D. Wilkie expired in 1967 and command was passed on to the corps executive officer Lt. Cdr. R. Graham. At the ceremony marking the occasion, Lt. Cdr. Wilkie, expressed his thanks to the officers and cadets for their assistance during his time as commanding officer. At the conclusion of his speech and to the resounding three cheers of the ships company he was borne around the parade deck on the gun carriage.

Lt. Cdr. Graham had been a cadet in R.C.S.C.C. John Travers Cornwell V.C. during the late 1940's and early 1950's and had returned as an officer late in the 1950's under Lt. Cdr. Hodgson. On assuming command he promised every effort to maintain the proud heritage of the John Travers Cornwell unit.

1967 being Canada's centennial year the corps was to participate in its share of centennial activities. One such function was a Sunset Ceremony held at the Manitoba Legislative Grounds. The band, guard and gun crew were to perform the traditional naval ceremony before large audiences every evening of a week.

Another centennial event was the visit to Winnipeg of Princess Alexandra and her husband Lord Ogalvie. The corps guard, under the command of Lt. W.F. Sutherland, had the honor of being inspected by the princess prior to the royal party boarding a river boat for a cruise on the Red River. Both the princess and her husband expressed their pleasure with the guards turn out in remarks to Lt. Sutherland.

Photographs for 1965 to 1967 were kindly provided by Mr. W.F. Sutherland of Winnipeg, R.C.S.C.C. John Travers Cornwell V.C. and Mr. R. Graham.


Royal Visit 1967


Princess Alexandra and her husband Lord Ogalvie inspect the sea cadet guard of honor under Lt. W.F. Sutherland.
Sunset Ceremony 1967

The corps gun crew under the command of Chief Petty Officer M. Rafferty wheel onto the parade ground in preparation for the Sunset Ceremony.

The guard, under the command of Lt. W.F. Sutherland and Sub.Lt. J. Palmquist, march onto the Legislative Grounds for the start of the Sunset Ceremony in 1967.
Change in Command 1967

LCdr. D. Wilkie passes command to the new commanding officer Lt. R. Graham.

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