Extra Pictures from the 1950s

Submitted by:  Bill Sutherland (1950-1979)
and John Jamieson (1966-1972)

JTC Officers, Spring 1951 (Photo taken by Steve Solilo of CBC)
Back: Unknown (NL Man Div), Ed Rigg, Walter Morrif, G. Leblanc (NL Man Div), Tom Danger, Jim Lily, Jim Wood, Ed Wilson, Doug Lidgertwood, Gord Matheson, Steve Jackson, Haroldorris (NL Man Div), Unknown (NL Man Div)
Middle: Bill Rose, Bert Payne, Bob Crosbie
Front: Unknown, JRK Millen (Pres NL Man Div), Lt GD Kuhn (CO), Dave Murray, Mike Gallo (GO)


Annual Inspection, Main Deck of HMCS Chippawa, May 1951.
O/C Bill Sutherland (second from last, front rank).

Maintop "B" - Cock of the Walk Winners, Sea Cadet Deck of HMCS Chippawa, May 1952.
AB Bill Sutherland (third from left, kneeling).

Leadership / Gunnery Course, HMCS Stadacona, Halifax NS, 1954.
PO Bill Sutherland (centre [sixth from left], rear)


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