US Exchange (USS Norton Sound) 1969

Submitted by:  Bill Sutherland (1950-1979)

In 1969, the yearly exchange of sea cadets, from the United States and Canada, found the Canadian sea cadets aboard U.S.S. Norton Sound, just off the coast of southern California near San Diego. Canadian sea cadets from across the country, including 10 from RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC, were accompanied by Corps Executive Officer, Lt(N) W.F. Sutherland.

The captain of the ship had a passion for properly shone boots and can be seen inspecting the cadets’ boots in a couple of the pictures below. Some of the pictures might seem a little blurry, but in reality, that is the fog setting in. The fog was so thick by the end of the inspection the captain could hardly see those boots he was so intent on inspecting.






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