Christmas Jamboree 1976

Submitted by:  Phillip Bingham (1972-1978)

Naval tradition has the ship’s youngest rating donning the captain’s uniform and ruling the ship for the day, on Christmas day. It is believed that this tradition originated with the Roman custom where masters waited on servants on Christmas day.

This series of photographs is from the last parade day before the Christmas break on December 16, 1976. The youngest cadet (sorry can’t remember the name) donned the CO’s (LCdr Jack Templeman) uniform jacket and cap and commanded the corps for the night.

During that night, the Chief and Petty Officers’ Mess performed a skit, followed by a movie…


Youngest Rating is Commanding Officer for the Day
LCdr Unknown and O/C Jack Templeman

Chief and Petty Officers’ Mess Skit

The first person crawls in on his/her knees and falls down and pretends to die.
The next person crawls in and says "water" "water" "water" and falls down and pretends to die.
The third person crawls in and says "water" "water" "water" and gets to the cup of water and takes out his comb and combs his hair.

PO2 Darren Knight

Second person crawling
PO2 Neil Johnston

Second person pretends to die
PO2 Neil Johnston

Third person crawling
CPO2 Alain Lajoie

Third person makes it to the water
CPO2 Alain Lajoie

Movie Night Intermission

The ship’s company was show a motion picture (Phantom of the Paradise). There was an intermission when the reels were changed and then again when an issue with the projector was addressed.  

Ice Cream for the Ship's Company

PO1 Patricia Scarr

CPO2 Alain Lajoie

Lt(N) Bill Sutherland

A/C Wanda Unrau and A/C Linda Wellwood

SLt Hugh Walker to the rescue as
CPO1 Peter Dorrins, SLt George Bruce and CI Brad Refvik look on

Lt(N) Bill Sutherland checks it out too
CI Brad Refvik and CPO2 Jim Slinowsky (RPO) in background


Putting the chairs away

Final instructions from the XO
Lt(N) Bill Sutherland

Sweeping the deck as the CO for a day looks on
O/C Jack Templeman


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