Military Curling Bonspiel Champions 1975-77

Submitted by:  Bill Sutherland (1950-1979)

The Military Curling Bonspiel champions in 1975, 1976 and 1977, were a rink from the John Travers Cornwell VC wardroom, which consisted of Bill Sutherland (skip), Al Mcinnes (third), Jim Palmquist (second), Bill Ottenbreit (lead) and T. Derhak (fifth). They were undefeated three years in a row, taking home the Lt. Col, Wm. McLeod trophy each year.


Military Curling Bonspiel Champions 1975, 1976 and 1977
Lt.Cmdr. A. Mcinnes (third), Lt. Wm. Sutherland (skip), S/Lt. Wm. Ottenbreit (lead), Lt. J. Palmquist (second), Missing: Lt. T. Derhak (fifth)


Winnipeg rink military champs

    The 28th Annual Kenora Military Bonspiel sponsored by the 40th Field Regiment, R.C.A. was won for the second straight year by Bill Sutherland of H.M.C.S. Chippawa, Winnipeg with a 9-5 win over Webb Engstrom’s United Services Institute rink of Kenora. Sutherland won the Lt. Col. Wm. McLeod Trophy with the win.
    The 116th Battery Trophy for the second event was won by Dave Weldon of the Camerons, Winnipeg as he downed Bob Onarheim, U.S.I., Kenora, 8-6; while the third event 118th Battery Trophy was taken by Bruce Findlay, 40th Field Regiment, Kenora over William Spence, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, Winnipeg by a 10-0 margin.
    In the Grand Challenge final, Sutherland cracked a four in
the fifth end and added three more in the seventh in beating Engstrom.
    The big end for Weldon was the fourth when he stole three to take a 7-1 lead. The third event was total steal as Findlay wrapped it up after just six ends.
    It was the first time in the bonspiel’s 28 year history that a local rink has qualified for all three finals. This year’s event attracted entries from as far away as McLennan, Alberta. Regina and Thunder Bay, along with Winnipeg and Kenora with total registration of 24 rinks.
    Members of the Winnipeg rink were Sutherland, Al McInnes, Bill Ottenbreit and Tom Derhak. With Engstrom were Jim Chisholm, Walter Mychalyshyn and Jerry Litman.

Military Curling Bonspiel Champions 1975
Wm. Sutherland, A. Mcinnes, Wm. Ottenbreit, T. Derhak, Missing: J. Palmquist

Military Curling Bonspiel Champions 1977
A. Mcinnes, J. Palmquist, Lt. Col. Wm. McLeod, Wm. Sutherland, Wm. Ottenbreit, Missing: T. Derhak


Submitted by:  Al McInnes (1959-1976)

Military Curling Bonspiel Champions February 29, 1976
Wm. Sutherland (skip), Wm. Ottenbreit (second), Lt. Col. Wm. McLeod, A. Mcinnes (third), T. Derhak (lead), Missing: J. Palmquist (fifth)


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