Extra Pictures from the 1940s

Submitted by:  Lynn Hawkeye (1976-1984),
Edgar Wilson (1944-1959),
George Morrison (1971-1975),
and Don Bullee (1971-2003)

Duty Bugler, Winnipeg Beach Sea Cadet Camp, July 1940.
Donald McMullar.

Winnipeg Beach Sea Cadet Camp grounds, 1940.

Winnipeg, 1940.
PO McMullen and L/S Peters.

Band, Winnipeg Beach Sea Cadet Camp, 1941.
CPO R. Ball, Donald McMullen (LSH Regt), PO Eddi McMury, Chivers Wilson, L/S Perkins and Doug Lee.

Central Park, 1941.
PO E. McMullen.

Winnipeg Beach Sea Cadet Camp, 1941.
McMullen and Peters.

Navy League Concert Programme, 1941.

Robert Bye

Visit to Great Britain, August 1947.
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Winnipeg Tribune - August 10, 1943.

Winnipeg Tribune - February 26, 1944.

Winnipeg Tribune - March 2, 1944.

Winnipeg Tribune - April 21, 1944.


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