Wallace Nesbitt First Aid Trophy

Posing with the Wallace Nesbitt Rankine Dominion Trophy and the Col. R.W. Leonard Manitoba Shield are members of the First Aid Team. Left to right; Ralph Wills (Captain); Bruce Campbell, Sergeant J.C. Day (Instructor), Godfrey Hayes, and John MacDonald.

In 1934 the Winnipeg Sea Cadets organization lost one of its strongest supporters with the res ignation of the Manitoba President of the Navy League. Mr. D.C. Coleman, Regional Vice-President of the Canadian Pacific Railways, left to take up his new appointment as Senior Vice-President of the C.P.R. in Montreal. During his time in Winnipeg, Mr. Coleman served as Manitoba President in the Navy League for nine years and was responsible for overseeing the development of the fine local organization.

In striking recognition of his long term in office, the Winnipeg Sea Cadets turned out at full strength for Mr. Coleman's departure. They were drawn up on parade with the band in the main concourse of the C.P.R. station. With Lt. Cdr. J.R.K. Millen in command, Mr. Coleman inspected the full ships' company and bid farewell to all his friends and acquaintances. Mr. Coleman's son, Jim is currently well-known as a sportswriter and commentator.

Mr. Coleman's position as Navy League President was filled by the new Regional Vice-President of the C.P.R., Mr. W.M. Neal.

In the presence of the full ships' company, four members of the Winnipeg Sea Cadets were presented, October 30th, with the Wallace Nesbitt Rankin Trophy, emblematic of the Dominion First Aid Championship.

The presentation was made by E.W. Kneeland, Honourary President of the Manitoba Division of the Navy League. Members of the champion team were Ralph Wells, Captain; Godfrey Hayes, Bruce Campbell, and John MacDonald. Sargeant J.C. Day, of the St. John Ambulance Corps, was the team instructor. As a point of interest, Godfrey Hayes is presently a naval captain at C.F.B. Esquimalt in Victoria.

On Friday evening, October 12th, the Corps held its annual jamboree. Lt. Tamkin read a letter from former Sea Cadet Arthur LeMaistre, who was then serving as third officer on an Imperial Oil tanker in the South American trade. Motion pictures of the hornpipe class in action at a recent military tournament, and of the 1929 summer camp were shown. A tap dance by Cadet Hodge was enjoyed as were several band selections. Ice cream provided a finishing touch to a successful evening.

Though the new barracks provided sufficient space for the Corps' acitivities, the classroom facilities in winter were particularly cold. The classroom area used by the cadets was once the barn area for the fire department horse team. Many an evening the cadets were required to take instruction while wearing coats and gloves.

Photographs for the 1934 year were provided by Capt. G. Hayes (N) of Victoria, B.C.; Mr. F. Ligertwood of Winnipeg; and Mr. W.J. Rooke of Scarborough, Ontario.


Decoration Day Parade 1934

Band in ranks during Decoration Day Service at the Cenotaph, Memorial Blvd. and Osborne St.
Corps Officers 1934

Corps Officers. Front row, left to right, G. Dickson, W. Rooke, I. MacIntosh, C. Smith, R. Anderson, J. Jefferies (Navy League Official). Back row, J. Freestone, A.E. Tamkin, J.R.K. Millen, (Commanding Officer), J.P. O'Donnell (Bandmaster), N. Lee. Photograph taken in Gertrude Avenue Barracks.

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