Church Parade 1935

Band under direction of Lt. W.A. Cramp passes reviewing stand at Legislative grounds. Osborne Street in background.

LCdr. A.E. Tamkin.

In 1935 the Winnipeg Sea Cadets underwent many changes when it was announced in March that Lt. Cdr. J.R.K. Millen would be resigning.

The change in command was announced by Mr. Jules Preudhomme K.C., vice-president of the Manitoba Branch of the Navy League. Press of personal duties and the feeling that he could give the corps greater assistance as a member of the League Executive and the Sea Cadet Committee were Mr. Millen's reasons for relinquishing his active role. He was succeeded by his second in command, Lt. A. E. Tamkin.

Mr. Preudhomme congratulated the Corps upon its splendid progress since 1926 when Lt. Cdr. Millen took control of its activities and paid tribute to the retiring officer for his devotion and energy in promoting its welfare.

In retiring from active command, Mr. Millen thanked the members of the Manitoba Division of the Navy League for their consistent help and praised the officers and cadets for their support.

The corps continued training in the best traditions under Lt. A.E. Tamkin, who from early boyhood until some time after World War I, sailed the seven seas under British command. Born in England, Mr. Tamkin joined the Navy at fifteen years of age and spent his career aboard such ships as the H.M.S. Repulse, H.M.S. Impregnable, H.M.S. Bulwark and H.M.S. Implacable. With his service background and seven years association with the Winnipeg unit, Lt. Tamkin was fully qualified to take command.

Another significant change occurred during 1935 with the retirement of Lt. J.P. O'Donnell as Bandmaster. Mr. O'Donnell, who had contributed so much to the band, was replaced by Mr. W.A. Cramp.

Mr. Cramp, with a lengthly career in military bands had more recently been Bandmaster of the 27th Battalion overseas and the Great War Veteran's Band of Winnipeg. His job of Bandmaster of the Winnipeg Sea Cadet Corps was made that much easier by the devoted efforts of Mr. O'Donnell during the five years he held the position.

Before the end of the year, the Corps was advised that a second member of the unit had been accepted for H.M.S. Conway in England. Cadet Ralph Wills, who had joined the corps in 1933 and had served as captain the first aid team, left for overseas in September.

Photographs kindly provided by Mrs. W.A. Cramp and Mr. J. Boyd of Winnipeg.

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